Two Gadungan Project Workers Tepergok Curi Besi Road Restrictions
Two suspected iron thieves who divide the road in Serang Banten/ Photo: Doc. Banten Police

Two iron thieves who blocked the road with the initials NN (35) and MD (37) were arrested by the Serang Police Satreskrim on Thursday, February 2. The two suspects are residents of Kosambi District, Tangerang Regency. The arrest began with a report from the Banten Transportation Agency for the loss of road dividers in the Pontang District, Serang Regency.

The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Serang Police, AKP Dedi Mirza, said that the two suspects were arrested while carrying out an iron theft at the road divider by Polsek Pontang while conducting routine patrols.

"The two suspects were arrested while carrying out their actions by patrol officers," said Dedi Mirza in a written statement, Friday, February 3.

In addition to the two suspects, continued Dedi, his party also secured evidence in the form of 1 unit of Suzuki Futura car, 1 20 kg oxygen gas cylinder, 1 3 kg gas cylinder, 1 hammer, 1 crowbar, 1 red-green gas regulator hose and 1 orange project vest along with vest straps.

In carrying out the action, the two perpetrators used the Suzuki Futura pickup car by pretending to be workers who were repairing the road divider iron wearing project worker vests so that it did not raise public suspicion.

"When conditions were quiet, the perpetrator cut the iron barrier of the road using a slicing welding device. However, when it was loaded onto the pick-up car, both of them were known to be patrol officers. When asked, it turned out that both of them were not repairing road barriers but were carrying out theft," he said.

Currently, the two perpetrators are being held at the Serang Police. "We have secured the two perpetrators and we have both snared them under Article 363 of the Criminal Code with a threat of imprisonment for 4 years," he concluded.

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