JAKARTA - Hobby can be transformed into something that produces a coffers of income. That's what Mooryati Soedibyo agrees with. The palace-blooded woman has a hobby of mixing herbal medicine and traditional cosmetics. Who would have thought that her herbal medicine and cosmetics were loved by many people.

He then turned the trunk of his house into an impromptu factory. His beauty products are sold on the market through the sale of people to people. Salon to salon. The home business then triumphed at the national level. People now know him by the name Mustika Ratu.

Mooryati did not deny the privilege of living in the Surakarta Palace. However, life in the palace is not only a matter of luxury. The grandson of Pakubuwono X said that the life of the palace made him taught a lot about life lessons.

The skills are growing. The woman who is familiarly called Tatiek from the age of three began to pursue dance art, batik, mixed herbal medicine, and made cosmetics. Bekal is the most valuable thing in the future. Especially when he was married to Soedibyo Poerbo Hadiningrat.

At that time, a woman born in Surakarta, January 5, 1928, only showed off her skills in making herbal medicine to relatives and friends in Jakarta. Whoever is sick, Tatiek will send her herbal medicine. Slowly many refuse to be given free of charge.

Many of them asked Tatiek to regularly market their products. The suggestion was carefully thought about. Tatiek began to think about doing business in the beauty field: herbal medicine and cosmetics. Ulam's beloved pinnacle arrives. He started selling herbal rice kencur to his friends in 1973.

The capital at that time was only Rp. 25 thousand. He worked on the order in the garage of the house which was transformed like an impromptu factory. The business based at his house on Jalan Sawo 31, Jakarta is called Tat's Beauty Secret. Citra Tatiek as a native of the Solo Palace also invited herbal medicine traders and other cosmetics to join.

Martha Tilaar, her name. Martha needs the image of Tatiek as a woman from the palace to develop her business. On the other hand, Tatiek needs Martha to sell her products. The conspiracy gave birth to Mustika Ratu in 1975. Ragam herbal medicine is produced. Many products are popular and perched in shops to salons.

Problems arise. Both of them also went into conflict. The conflict made Tatiek and Martha run alone in 1977. Tatiek raised Mustika Ratu. Martha is raising Sari Ayu Martha Tilaar from scratch.

My reason, Mooryati is my friend. Besides being beautiful, she is also a palace princess. I consider that suitable for marketing. Let me work in the kitchen. Apart from Mrs. Mooryati, there is a palace character who knows the herbal recipes, namely Mrs. Laksminto Rukmi. He is the last servant of Pakubuwono XII.

"Likewise, since then we have collaborated The results turned out to be extraordinary. After this collaboration, the demand that came was even far above the ability to supply because this business was still an industry home. Selling cosmetics is selling dreams and hopes. The right marketing concept was implemented in 1970--in which Indonesian women are still looking for an identity, namely being the palace princess--grabbing the Queen's Mustika Product verybooming, "said Martha Tilaar in the book Beauty of Eastern Women (1999).

Companies that break up partnerships are usually difficult to find their rhythms again. However, that does not apply to Mustika Ratu. Breaking the Kongsi has actually become the estuary of Tatiek to be able to spread its wings in the world of Indonesian beauty business.

Slowly he became known as the 'Queen' of the Indonesian beauty business. The narrative is because the demand for products continues to increase. A big breakthrough was taken by Tatiek. He founded the Center for Beauty and Traditional Education Center for Mustika Ratu.

He has 40 employees. The beauty center then educated about 3 thousand beauty students who have now spread throughout Indonesia. The biggest step was the courage to build the Mustika Ratu factory in Ciracas in 1979.

The presence of the factory is able to support the large demand for its products. A factory capable of producing 80 kinds of herbal medicine and 70 kinds of traditional cosmetics in large quantities. Citra Tatiek as the queen of the Indonesian beauty business is increasingly difficult to stop.

In 1979 he stepped up as industrialist of the "Mustika Ratu" factory built in Ciracas, between Jakarta and Bogor. In an area of one hectare with a building of 7,000 m2, complete with modern labs, the factory in 1983 employed 200 employees.

The factory emerged 80 kinds of herbal medicine and 70 kinds of traditional cosmetics. The goods are marketed through 1,500 beauty salons spread throughout Indonesia. "Also wide to Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok," wrote Tempo magazine report entitled Keberhasilannya sebagai Entrepreneurs (1983).

Mooryati Soedibyo died at the age of 96 in Jakarta on April 24, 2024. His body was buried in Tapos, Bogor.

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