35-Second Teaser For Korean Drama 'Taxi Driver' Has Released And Reveals The Characters
Lee Je Hoon Dalam Taxi Driver (Twitter @SBSNOW)

JAKARTA - SBS shared the latest teasers and stories about the characters in the Korean drama Taxi Driver today, March 22.

The drama, which was adapted from a webtoon, tells the story of a taxi service that can take revenge on victims who cannot get legal justice.

The short 35-second teaser shows the action of the main characters working together to take revenge. Taxi Driver stars Lee Je Hoon, Esom, Kim Eui Sung, and Pyo Ye Jin.

Lee Je Hoon plays Kim Do Gi, a former special group of workers who work as a driver. Esom plays Kang Ha Na, a prosecutor who suspects Kim Do Gi's actions and the taxi service he works for.

Kim Eui Sung plays Jang Sung Cheol, the business leader of Rainbow Taxi. He also becomes the CEO of the Blue Bird Foundation which helped victims and becomes a field for information seeking.

Pyo Ye Jin who replaces APRIL's Naeun plays Ahn Go Eun, the Rainbow Taxi hacker helped Kim Do Gi's performance.

Judging by the character, Taxi Driver presents a female character with an unusual job and viewers can expect tense action in this drama.

The Korean drama Taxi Driver will air from April 9 after The Penthouse 2. Watch Taxi Driver teaser below.

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