YOGYAKARTA Chandrika Chika's profile attracts netizens' attention. The reason is that the Chika celebrity has just been arrested for a drug case. The arrests were made by the South Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Investigation Unit on Monday, April 22, evening.

Chandrika Chika's arrest in his own drug case is quite surprising. He added to the long list of Indonesian celebrities who were caught in drug cases.

Chandrika Sari Jusman is a celebgram known as Chandrika Chika. Born on November 7, 2003 in Jakarta, Chika is three siblings while he is the second child. His educational background is actually not too classy. He had sat in Nurul Fikri Depok Integrated Islamic School. Some sources say that Chika is currently registered as a student at Sriwijaya University.

The beginning of Chandrika Chika's career began in 2020. At that time, the content of his video dancing "Papi Chulo" went viral on TikTok. Even the video was watched by millions of TikTok users. His viral content made him invited to various events on national television.

His viral content is supported by Chika's attractive figure, making his career in entertainment even more successful. Not only on TV, Chika is also used as a talent at RANS Entertainment.

Chandrika Chika became known on TikTok through its uploaded content on an account with the name @chikakku. In addition, he is also known on Instagram social media with the account name chndrika_. On TikTok he has a follower of approximately 8.3 million followers. While on Instagram he has a follower of around 2.2 million.

On social media, Chandrika Chika often receives endorsements. Apart from being a celebrity, Chandrika Chika is rumored to be doing her profession as a video clip star. This is known from a video clip on TikTok which shows her wearing a red dress. Later Chandrika was in the process of shooting a video clip for dangdut songs.

As a celebrity, Chandrika Chika cannot be separated from controversy, especially related to her personal life. For example, Chika is known to have had an affair with Tariq Halilintar but for only three months.

After that, Chika is said to have failed to move on because it often mentions her relationship with Tariq Halilintar. Netizens also often compare Chandrika Chika with another former Tariq Halilintar, Fujianti Utami alias Fuji.

The controversy is not only related to love life. Chandrika Chika was in the spotlight because he was nicknamed Ani-ani for Rp. 20 million. The news was widely discussed in early 2022. The news was later denied by Chandrika Chika.

In addition, Chandrika also drew the spotlight when he was a key witness in the case of Putra Siregar's beating at a cafe in South Jakarta in 2022.

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