Without Drinking Coffee, Here Are 9 Ways To Overcome Weak Energy Ahead Of The Afternoon
Illustration of how to overcome energy weakening just before the afternoon without drinking coffee (Freepic/pressphoto)

YOGYAKARTA Normal if energy tends to decrease just before the afternoon. If you have been active all day, maybe it's time to take a break for a while to rest. Only after resting can you continue other productive activities. However, if the task cannot be postponed but the energy is running low, it can be overcome in several ways that will be explained below.

Decline in energy in the afternoon, is an alarm the body asks for rest. Maybe you often evaporate, or force it to stay productive by sipping coffee. But still, energy reduction and focus are still experienced. In fact, this is normal, known as internal body clocks or circadiant rhythms. This circadiant rhythm, naturally decreases in the afternoon. Well, the decrease triggers the release of melatonin, the hormone that drives sleep, and makes us sleepy, tired, and weak.

Lunch also has an effect on decreasing energy in the afternoon. Especially if you eat high-carb lunch and processed sugar. It is also important to get a night's sleep to reduce the chances of experiencing energy downturns in the afternoon. How to overcome energy weakening in the afternoon without drinking coffee, here are the steps.

Drink a lot of water throughout the day, it's important to keep the body hydrated while maintaining energy levels. You can add a mixture to your fresh drink. For example, making pieces of fruit in cold mineral water.

Sitting in one place for too long, makes the body feel stiff and tiring. Then move regularly to maintain blood flow and help relieve drowsiness. Get used to standing, stretching your body, or walking every hour sitting.

Mindfulness is an awareness exercise, it can be done with meditation or a centralized focus. It also helps you stay calm and increase your energy in the afternoon. Even breathing deeply for a few minutes can help refresh your body, launching Calm, Thursday, February 22. In meditation, you can also exercise breathing consciously.

Declining energy in the afternoon, can be the impact of lack of sleep the night before. So it is important to start prioritizing night's sleep. It is also important to know, adults are advised to sleep well between 7-9 hours every night.

As recommended above, traveling can be the right choice to increase energy in the afternoon without drinking coffee. Try to step into the area exposed to sunlight.

Music can increase your spirits and give energy boost quickly. You can play excited music while singing.

Mining can help increase blood flow to the brain and provide energy boost quickly. If it's not possible to chew less sugar rubber candy, you can also eat apples. For rubber candy, choose the peppermint because it includes energy added.

A short power nap for 10-20 minutes can refresh and help recharge your remaining energy that day. Sometimes, what is needed in overcoming energy weakening in the afternoon is reset, which is to take a short sleep.

Sometimes the energy slump in the afternoon is bored. To refresh back, try moving the room. Choose a room with a different view, this in addition to refreshing your mind also helps relieve the velop in the afternoon.

That's how to overcome the weakening energy in the afternoon without drinking coffee. It's important to remember, if you drink coffee consider the time interval before bed tonight. Don't get too close to coffee with bedtime and fail to close your eyes so you don't get quality night's sleep.

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