6 Causes Of Frequent Piping During Night Sleep
Illustration of the causes of frequent urinating during good sleep at night (Freepik/krakenimages.com)

YOGYAKARTA Peeing at night, if more than once wake you from sound sleep, maybe because of notturia. Nocturia is when the body produces too much urine, or the bladder cannot accommodate enough urine.

The cause of crying at night while sleeping, there are many possibilities. Some of the factors that cause it require medical treatment. But there are conditions that can be treated alone at home. The following is a list of causes for frequent toiletries at night while sleeping.

Experts often remind that avoid drinking too much or too close to bedtime. Some time before bed, drink less. Also avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine in the afternoon. Before bed, make it a habit to urinate first so you don't wake up when you're asleep.

Urinary tract infections (ISK) trigger the desire to urinate more during the day and night. Launching WebMD, Tuesday, November 28, it may hurt when urinating, stomach pain, and fever followed. These symptoms are important to be diagnosed by doctors and get treatment for ISK.

The older you get, the more likely you want to urinate at night. At dusk, the hormones that help reduce urine are getting less and less produced. So it's difficult to hold back crying until you wake up or in the morning.

Apart from age, gender also affects the frequency of lagging. In men, prostate enlargement often occurs in old age. Usually this is not serious unless followed by other symptoms. Whereas in women, after menopause the production of estrogen decreases. This can cause changes in the urinary tract that make you have to urinate more often. If you have given birth, pelvic muscles may also be weaker that affect the bladder.

Some drugs remove fluids from the body's system and make them urinate more often. To be clearer and more directed, ask your doctor if your daily medicine causes frequent toiletries, especially during night sleep.

Sometimes, it's not the toiletries that wake you but once you wake up, you have to go to the bathroom. This can happen if you have restless leg syndrome, heat, chronic pain, or depression. There is also a relationship between sleep apnea and having to go to the bathroom at night.

When your feet are swollen while standing all day or your feet are located below when doing activities, the fluid accumulates. When lying down, the body will emit excess fluid. It fills your bladder and makes you wake up soundly to urinate. To control swelling, rest your legs by lifting or at least parallel to your hips. It can also wear socks for compression.

In addition to the explanation above about the causes of frequent toiletries at night and waking up sleep, there are other causes recommended for checking into medical services. Other causes, due to beser, interstitial cystitis, pregnancy, obesity, urinary tumors, prostate tumors. Other conditions cause the body to produce too much urine, including diabetes, diabetes insipidus, liver failure, and neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's.

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