Fedi Nuril Dilema Plays The Character Of A Husband With One Wife Or Two
Art actors role Fedi Nuril (left) (photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Art actor Fedi Nuril admits that he feels a dilemma when he has to play the character of a man with one or two wives in every film he plays because it has the potential to create polarization in the audience.

"For me, playing in a film with one or two is both challenging because I am in a dilemma. On social media it is divided into two groups, one who won't want to watch if the film is polygamy, the second is disappointed because I don't marry again. So, every time I shoot I'm definitely nervous, 'This will be more'support?'," Fedi said with a smile during a press conference session at the gala premiere of the film "Home Future" at Cinepolis Senayan Jakarta, Saturday, quoted by Antara.

In the film "Home Future" produced by Mizan Pictures and Max Pictures, Fedi plays the character of a father named Sukri who has two children and a wife named Surti, played by acting art actor Laura Basuki.

"But in this film, I will not dare Laura Basuki's polygamy because her fans are militant. Later I will be canceled, then this film will lose, really. So, that's my dilemma every time I play a movie, someone is disappointed or someone hopes. So in this film, who thinks I'm going to marry Neti?" joked Fedi.

The figure of Neti is one of the characters of a teacher woman in the film "Home of the Future" played by Aurel Valen and played a role in helping Sukri's family to find solutions to the problems that entangled the small family.

The "Home of the Future" is a film adapted from the legendary television series of the '80s era.

This time, the film format was directed by Danial Rifky and presented a number of actors including Fedi Nuril, Laura Basuki, Widyawati, Cok Simbara, Bima Azriel, Ciara Brosnan, Aurel Valen, Maisha Kanna, Zayyan Sakha, Budi Dalton, Yurike Prastika, and Tomi Babap.

This film tells the story of the Sukri family (Fedi Nuril) and Surti (Laura Basuki) who return to their hometown for a vacation in Cibeureum, West Java.

Arriving there, they had to face the conflict between their mother-in-law (Widyawati) and Surti. This family drama film is also peppered with light comedy.

The film 'Rumah Masa Depan', which is classified as 13 years and over, will be shown in cinemas throughout Indonesia starting December 7, 2023.

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