Ria Ricis's Husband, Teuku Ryan Denies Being Baptized In A Swimming Pool
Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan (Instagram @riaricis1795)

JAKARTA - Ria Ricis's husband, Teuku Ryan, is rumored to be baptized because of his own video upload. In the video, Teuku Ryan is seen in a swimming pool with men. Teuku Ryan wears all-white clothes in contrast to the blue swimming pool.

Netizens were immediately shocked because the photo was similar to a Christian religious or ritual, devoted to sins and faith in God. He denied the issue of himself being baptized or changing religion because of photos in the pool swimming with men.

"Actually, the Prophet's birthday was just finished, so when I was in Solo. After Habib Novel gave a lecture, he seemed to give an example of throwing valuable items into the pool. If it is damaged by God's will, it will not be damaged by God's will," he said, quoted from ERA.

"Habib burst into taking his cellphone, he swam, he said 'Ryan join'. Finally, everyone crowded with him (buried into the swimming pool)," he continued.

The 29-year-old man admitted that he did not care about netizens' negative comments. However, Teuku Ryan did not accept that Ria Ricis and her child, Moana, were targeted by netizens. Teuku Ryan was also reluctant to read negative comments.

"I don't have a problem, what do you want to say, the important thing is not to look after my child, my wife, because they are good people. If I get more and more excited about them, then the business will be long. That's why I rarely read haters' comments because it makes me mentally ill," he explained.

"I don't mind commenting on anything, what is certain is that we know, the family knows. Because there is definitely no end. The important thing is to explain what the big family is like, if it's outside, that's it," he continued.

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