Tips For Getting An Ideal Body Ahead Of The Year-End Long Holiday, Take Advantage Of Saving Packages
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JAKARTA - The year-end holiday can be one of the most awaited agendas for gathering with family and traveling together. So that the documentation memories look beautiful, there is nothing wrong if you carry out body care in November.

The slim body and ideal is the most serious concern. Don't worry, there is still time to improve your appearance. There is nothing wrong with trying the sampling program such as Emtone, Vanquuish, and Enseulpt at the D'Jantari clinic.

"We present a sampling program for individuals who want to make their bodies healthier and more confident. We want to accompany clients in achieving positive changes in their bodies with three programs, namely Emtone, Vanquish, and Enseulpt," said Dr. Ratna Ariani Spkk from the D'Jantari clinic.

Towards the end of the year, D'Jantari provides 20% program for all sampling programs with the November Im In Love promo. The clinic, which is known to have the most recent tool in the beauty world, also has an EMFACE program that is able to reduce wrinkles on the face by 37%. EMFACE also provides up to 23% skin-splitting effects and improves muscle tones by 30%.

The innovation of treatment from Europe is claimed to be The Latest Breakthrough Technology for Face Lifting, which is also popular in America. Unlike other Skin Lifting treatments, EMFACE works with Radio Frequency (RF) technology which is useful for tightening the skin.

Angeline Adi Negara, President Director of D'Jantari, emphasized that the beauty tools they use are always up to date. EMFACE can also be combined with muscle stimulation with High Intensity Facility Electromagnetic Stimulation (HIFESTM) technology to stimulate facial muscles.

This synchronization simultaneously affects the skin and facial muscles. The synchronized RF reshuffles and smooths the skin by heating the dermis and increasing the levels of collagen and elastin fiber.

While the HIFESTM technology recovers and increases facial tissue support selectively tightens muscles and increases muscle structure density and quality. The final result is less wrinkles and facial skin is more naturally lifted without needles.

The best of all, EMFACE takes care of the whole face in just 20 minutes. This procedure is completely non-invasive without downtime. The procedure runs independently after the applicator is affixed.

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