Popular In Singapore, Cow Play Cow Moo Now Opens In Indonesia
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JAKARTA Cow Play Cow Moo, a popular fleet network from Singapore, announced the opening of the first branch in Indonesia. This playground provides an immersive gaming experience that combines technology with authentic interactions.

Visitors can feel the excitement of playing the latest various playing machines such as Monopoly, Hungry-Hungrymen, Dodgeball, Retro Express, Retro Legend, King Kong, and Minecraft Dungeon. On September 16, CowPlay Cow Moo Ind onesia launched its first venue at Carstensz Mall Gading Serpong 2nd Floor.

In this first branch, there are approximately 200 types of machines that are very varied in terms of gifts and how to play. Every 2 to 4 months there will also be updates for merchandise, dolls, and collection cards according to the theme. We hope that the experience of playing here can be enjoyed by all visitors, especially collectors of collectibles," said Daniel Darwin, Director of Cow Play Cow Moo Indonesia in a media statement, Thursday, September 21.

The excitement of playing is also supported by fast response customer service. Barcodes are available in each machine that can be scanned to call officers when they need help.

To complete the experience of playing visitors, there are hundreds of licensed character merchandise from Disney, Sanrio, Bandai and other popular brands that can be obtained through ticket exchanges and capit machines. Some merchandise, exclusive edition dolls, and other prizes can only be obtained at Cow Play Cow Moo, explained Daniel Darwin, Director of Cow Play Cow Moo Indonesia.

"Cow Play Cow Moo also has a collection of capit machines with various ways of playing. The special marked capit machine also has a reward guarantee or Guaranted Law Machine, so there is no need to worry because you will definitely get a prize while playing," added Daniel Darwin.

Cow Cow Cow Moo's venue features a modern touch on the interior design and layout of the play area. The futuristic design blends with the lights from the game engine to create a fun and cheerful atmosphere when playing. In addition, every corner of the room and game engine is always kept clean and well cared for by experienced teams so that it is safe for children.

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