Insulin Injection Effects That Diabetics Need To Watch Out For
Illustration of insulin injection (Freepic)

YOGYAKARTA - Insulin injection is one of the treatments that is often done by diabetics. Insulin injection is useful for helping control blood sugar levels. Although it can help overcome the buildup of blood sugar, there are insulin injection effects that diabetics need to watch out for.

Insulin injection is a drug that plays a role in keeping blood sugar levels stable. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas gland to help control sugar levels in the blood. Insulin hormones will work to convert glucose into energy in the body.

If insulin does not work optimally, there will be a buildup of blood sugar. Diabetics have problems with insufficient insulin production. To overcome this, many diabetics choose to inject insulin. Behind that, there is an insulin injection effect that can be experienced.

Insulin injections performed with improper doses and treatments can cause a number of side effects that are harmful to health. Here are some of the effects of insulin injections that diabetics need to watch out for.

One of the effects of insulin injection that can be hit is allergies. insulin injection can cause skin allergies that are characterized by itching and redness. There are also cases of allergies accompanied by pain. This effect can occur because the syringe is less sharp, causing the skin to hurt.

Another effect that can be caused by insulin injection is lipodistrophy. Lipodistrophy is the side effect in the injected area of the skin. This condition is prone to occur because injection is carried out in the same area of the skin repeatedly. The impact is that the appearance of the skin changes due to the presence of fat that is lost in the skin layer.

Side effects of insulin injections commonly experienced by many people are hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a serious side effect. Hypoglycemia is a condition when blood sugar levels are too low or below 70 mg/dl. Insulin injections also have the potential to cause drastic drop in blood sugar.

insulin resistance is a condition when the pancreas produces the hormone insulin, but no body cells do not process the hormone as its function. This condition can cause body cells to not be able to absorb sugar normally so that blood sugar buildup will occur.

That's a review of the effects of insulin injections that diabetics should not ignore. Although insulin injections can help control blood sugar levels, there are a number of side effects that need to be watched out for.

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