Reported To The KPK Regarding The PCR Business, Erick Thohir: I Will Come, Our Country Will Go Bankrupt If It Is Littered With Small Actors Who Want Indonesia To Not Progress
Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir. (Photo: Doc. Ministry of SOEs)

JAKARTA - Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir spoke about a report against him to the corruption eradication commission (KPK) regarding his alleged involvement in the PCR business in the country. He also confirmed that he would come to fulfill the KPK's summons.

"I know (reported to the KPK) and I am sure and I will not stop there. Not yet, I will definitely have communication because I will come, we are individuals who must obey the law," he said at the Kick Andy Show, quoted Monday, 15 November.

According to Erick, currently public trust is very good in the government of Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Erick also believes that law enforcement will re-check to find out the truth of the report.

"I'm sure the prosecutor's office, the police, and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) have received the complaint. They will definitely check who made the complaint. Do they have a true track record in fighting corruption or simply creating publicity and conflict," he said.

Erick said the Ministry of SOEs under his leadership has always been transparent in providing wealth reports to the KPK. In fact, all directors and commissioners also report clearly, including holding companies or SOE subsidiaries are required to report assets to the KPK.

"KPK invited the Ministry of SOEs as one of the transparent ministries in providing wealth reports, not only me. All directors of commissioners, I even emphasized at that time, which was only the holding, now children and grandchildren must report assets. We must be transparent, " he said.

In addition, Erick admitted that he was not afraid of the report. Because, according to him, his alleged involvement in the PCR business is just a slander that has no concrete data and cannot be proven legally.

"And that's part of democracy, which we have to deal with, but of course all complaints must be based on evidence," he said.

Erick said it had not occurred to him to report back to those who accused him of being involved in the PCR business if later the report against him was not proven.

"I think democratic rights apply both ways. And this is part of it, building responsibility for all parties. For what reason? Our country is headed for extraordinary bankruptcy, if it is only littered with small elements who really want Indonesia not to progress, I haven't thought of that (report) because this is part of democracy," he said.

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