PLN Realizes Energy Transition In Indonesia Through Megaprojects Greennesia And Hydronesia
Photo: Doc. Antara

PT PLN Indonesia Power (PLN IP) continues to make breakthroughs in realizing the energy transition in Indonesia through Megaproject Greennesia and Hydronesia.

PLN Indonesia Power President Director Edwin Nugraha Putra in his statement in Jakarta, Wednesday, July 26, said that after initiating the Mega Project Greennesia as a follow-up to the development of the PLN IP EBT according to the 2021-2030 RUPTL for green energy with a capacity of seven gigawatts (GW), now PLN IP is again preparing the 1,100 megawatt Hydroproduction (MW) project.

He explained that the Hydronesia Project is a co-developer search that will work together in creating PLTA projects that are ready for execution.

"We have prepared this project specifically to find a co-developer that meets the qualifications, which in the future will work with us in creating PLTA projects that are ready for execution," he said, as quoted by Antara.

Furthermore, Edwin conveyed that the projects prepared by PLN IP are a form of corporate commitment in accelerating the energy transition in Indonesia by involving various strategic partners both from within and outside the country to find the best quality.

"This is our commitment in line with the government's agenda to accelerate the energy transition. Of course, we carry out optimally and prioritize quality, as well as the Greennesia Project, which involves various strategic partners to help achieve the goal of creating sustainable future energy in the country," he added.

According to the 2021-2030 RUPTL, PLN Indonesia Power as the Subholding of PT PLN (Persero) will develop a green energy of seven GWs, spread over 108 locations throughout Indonesia, while the Hydronesia Project is prepared to look for co-developers for hydropower in five locations with a total capacity of 1,178.5 MW.

In addition to being an effort to achieve the 23 percent EBT mix, this is a form of commitment and implementation of PLN Sub Holding PLN Indonesia Power in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects.

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