Untung Rugi Investasi Tanah: Berikut Beberapa Urainya
Untung Rugi Investasi Tanah (Itraman Ryan Badminton - Pixabay)

YOGYAKARTA - The form of investment in modern times is indeed quite diverse, ranging from property investments in the form of buildings or apartments, gold investment, stocks, to land. Want to know what are the benefits of loss of land investment?

Uniquely, land investment is still able to compete with various other forms of investment because it is considered profitable.

There are several things that must be known before buying land for investment. Of course, this matter means to minimize the risk of loss that is not desirable.


Significant Increase In The Value Of Land Profits

Not only houses, land prices also continue to face increases. This profit will be yours if you sort the land as an investment instrument.

The percentage value of the increase can reach 20 to 25 percent, especially after getting 2 times after 5 years.

It doesn't stop there, there are many other advantages that you will have if you sort the soil in a strategic position.

Save Treatment Payments

If the type of sports property such as buildings has a large maintenance fee, it is different from empty land that does not require any maintenance.

Unless the land is made up for rental activities, there will be payment for cleaning or security payments for land guards.

Take Advantage Of The Rental Business

Owning vacant land in a strategic position such as close to an office, can be utilized as a business opportunity.

You can change the land to a parking business or shophouse for culinary businesses.

This method is very useful for filling the vacant land, while waiting for the increase in land prices to be resold.


Need Large Funds

When it is ready to start investing in the property sector, the most important thing is land, make sure you have a lot of capital.

For example, if you want to buy land in Depok, which is currently facing a significant increase.

This is because this area is included in integrated housing, with better infrastructure and facilities.

The Process Of Disbursing The Old Land

Property investments such as land and buildings are not listed in liquid assets, as it takes a long time in the sale process.

Therefore, this type of investment is not recommended for those of you who are in need of fast funds.

Become The Target Of Crime

Land without care and regular supervision are very vulnerable to being targeted by crimes, ranging from modes of property fraud, land disputes, sold without permission, to falsification of letters.

Not only that, the problem of land grabbing also often takes place, especially the position of the land located in dense urban areas.

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