Born In The Great Turbulence Condition Of The Aviation Industry, Check Out The Uniqueness Of Super Air Jet
Illustrations (Photo: Doc. Super Air Jet)

JAKARTA - The presence of the Super Air Jet airline in March 2021 seems to be a breaker for the current airlines standard. This is because the airline company created by Lion Air boss Rusdi Kirana comes with looks and business ideas that may have never been thought of before.

This can be seen from the birth of Super Air Jet during the COVID-19 pandemic. When almost all airlines are experiencing a period of 'bloody', Super Air Jet is present as a new airline that adorns the skies of the archipelago.

The latest, Super Air Jet is here to open scheduled flight routes from Jakarta to Surabaya via Soekarno-Hatta Airport and Juanda Airport starting November 10, 2021.

So, what are the uniqueness of these airlines that can make them continue to expand in the midst of challenging situations? Here's a summary of VOI for readers.

1. Enter the LCC segment

Super Air Jet firmly enters the low-cost carrier (LCC) segment or airlines with low-cost fares. This means that the ticket price offered is quite cheap with compensation for the elimination of several passenger services, such as no free food and drink, and the elimination of multimedia facilities. fully feasible.

2. Aim for millennial passengers

In an official statement, Super Jet Air President Director Ari Azhari said that his company is indeed specialized in targeting the young market share. "There is a very strong demand from the public for air travel at this time, especially millennials", he said some time ago.

3. Unique cabin crew uniform

Unlike most other airline cabin crews who tend to wear formal clothes, Super Air Jet's retainers seem relaxed. By wearing a light brown suit like the adventurous Rob Bredl, the flight crew seemed to want to make the traveling atmosphere feel real.

Not to mention the pair of sneakers-style footwear that looks so friendly to millennials. This strategy clearly brings Indonesian LCC airlines to a new level in terms of business selection strategies.

4. Rent a cheap 'pull' plane

In the middle of this year, aviation observer Alvin Lie spoke to VOI regarding the smart strategy behind the birth of the Super Air Jet. According to him, the foresight of entrepreneurs to buy or bring in planes at low prices is very possible during the pandemic.

“The current COVID-19 condition has forced many airlines to return their planes because they could not continue with the agreed contracts, or some were even unable to pay the rental fees. On the other hand, aircraft leasing companies also need to find new tenants or buyers. This situation is used by Super Air Jet to bring in a fleet at a very attractive price", he said.

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