JAKARTA After Bobby Nasution chose the Gerindra Party as the next port, President Joko Widodo's political strategy was still a puzzle. The Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) is determined to be at least potential for Jokowi and his eldest son, Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

Bobby's decision to finally dock in Gerindra was not without reason. Jokowi's son-in-law needs a vehicle to smooth his goal of advancing in the 2024 North Sumatra gubernatorial election which will be held on November 27.

After being no longer recognized by PDIP, Bobby's first political party, his closeness to Golkar was also in a dilemma. The party bearing the banyan symbol is believed to carry Musa Rajeksah, who is currently the Chair of the North Sumatra Golkar Party DPD and the 2018-2023 North Sumatra Deputy Governor.

Therefore, the decision of this 32-year-old man to land in Gerindra is considered appropriate. Moreover, Bobby also admitted that he had received the blessing of his father-in-law, Jokowi.

"Yes, definitely as parents (merestui). We as children must ask permission from parents," said Bobby, Monday (20/5/2024).

Meanwhile, Bobby has determined the next port, in contrast to Jokowi and Gibran. Which party will accommodate both of them is still a secret until now.

Golkar, Gerindra, and PSI (PSI) are reportedly ready to provide red carpets for Jokowi or Gibran. But so far there is still no certainty about the next party. Staying with PDIP seems almost impossible, even though it is not closed at all. Jokowi is considered out of PDIP after supporting Prabowo-Gibran in the presidential election.

Executive Director of the Nusantara Institute PolComm SRC Andriadi Achmad predicts Jokowi will not be on the same ship as his son-in-law in Gerindra.

"The more realistic political steps for Jokowi and Gibran are PSI, although several political parties have unfurled red carpets for Jokowi and Gibran, such as Golkar, PAN, or Gerindra and other political parties," said Andriadi when contacted by VOI.

There, Kaesang Pangarep had already joined as PSI General Chair, he added.

In the midst of the heavy public question about the possibility of moving parties, Jokowi looks intimate with the Chairman of the PDIP Central Leadership Council Puan Maharani. The second meeting took place on the 10th World Water Forum Summit (KTT) stage at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK) Bali, Sunday (19/5/2024).

Puan came to the event as Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives as well as Representative of the President of the International Parliamentary Union (IPU). Jokowi and Puan looked familiar and greeted each other briefly.

This meeting was later said to be a sign of melting tension between Jokowi and PDIP after a partnership broke out since before the 2024 presidential election. However, according to Andriadi, the meeting was not a sign of reconciliation.

Jokowi met Puan at the World Water Forum in Bali in formal state activities in the capacity as President of the Republic of Indonesia and Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives. Therefore, it is not certain that Jokowi and PDIP's relations will melt after the meeting," said the Lecturer of FISIP at Al-Azhar University Indonesia.

Jokowi's political maneuver since before the 2024 presidential election surprised many people. Towards the end of his reign, this Solo native man tried to stay in it. Jokowi is considered good at managing everything.

Bobby's move to enter Gerindra is also believed to be part of the political intrigue of the Jokowi family. Therefore, it is not certain that the traces of Kahiyang Ayu's husband were followed by Jokowi and Gibran after they were no longer considered by PDIP.

In fact, Jokowi's instincts not to put all eggs in one basket have the potential to be carried out, according to political observer Ujang Komarudin, in order to avoid division.

"There could also be Gerindra, some in Golkar, some in PSI. Because in politics there is a term don't put all your eggs in one basketball, why? Because if one breaks, all eggs break," said Ujang, quoted by Kompas.

Still according to Ujang, Jokowi definitely needs a big party, as well as Gibran, who is known as the elected vice president for the 2024-2029 period. Thus, it is almost impossible for them to choose to anchor at PSI.

Apart from placing Kaesang Pangarep there, PSI also did not qualify for Senayan. Jokowi needs a large house to look for political backups.

"So it is divided, it is in PSI, Golkar, and others. If the politicians are reliable like that," Ujang continued.

However, Ujang said, Joko Widodo's steps will depend on himself, especially since the political dynamics in the country are still changing.

"We'll just wait because this is politics, the dynamics is too fast and the choice is also with Jokowi. Will you join the party later, does Prabowo have a special position, does Prabowo get a special task from Prabowo. We'll just have to wait," he concluded.

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