Netizens' Reactions When Taxi Company CEO Disguised As Driver, Netray Monitoring Results
Blue Bird taxi became a hot topic of conversation on Twitter at the end of May 2023, after the company's CEO disguised himself as a driver. (Between/Puspa Perwitasari)

JAKARTA Blue Bird CEO Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono changed his profession to become a driver for one day. This action was carried out on May 24. Like other Blue Bird drivers, Sigit started his activities since 07.00 WIB.

As soon as he left the pool at Blue Bird's head office in Mampang, South Jakarta, he immediately received an order from the application to take passengers to an office area in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta. Until lunch hours, approximately six passengers have been obtained.

It can be seen from Sigit's upload on Instagram Story, "It's also hot, it's really late today even though.. 6 guests went up, 2 orders were too late, not fortune. "

"Ampir to the mall PP (Pacific Place) queue, looking for guests again. Abis dropped from Kokas (kasblanka city) to keep the spirit," he wrote again.

Unexpectedly, the upload turned out to be viral and became a hot topic of conversation for social media activists.

Using the bluebird' and blue bird' keywords during the period 21-26 May 2023, Netray found 3,223 tweets from 1,673 accounts that discussed the topic. With an impression of claiming 11.3 million reactions, both in the form of LIKEs, comments, and retweets. Talks are at least able to reach up to 70.4 million Indonesian-language Twitter accounts.

The keyword discussion began to increase on May 24 when Blue Bird CEO's tweet became a taxi driver. The peak occurred the following day, on May 25 with 1,888 tweets. Katasigit, djokosoetono, and tourists are included in the vocabulary most mentioned after bluebird, blue, and driver," Netray wrote in its report on May 30, 2023.

The majority of social media activists responded positively to the undercover action carried out by the taxi brand boss, which had existed since 1972.

The @mynameprada account commented on Sigit's photo with Blue Bird drivers on the field. He praised Sigit's attitude in wanting to mingle with his employees.

Not only for Sigit, there are also many social media activists who praise the performance of Blue Bird taxis because of the ability of their drivers who are known to be very experienced and able to be friendly to passengers.

The existence of passcode features and car codes listed in the application is also a positive review. Likewise, the Blue Bird taxi rate is recognized to be cheaper than other online taxis even though it does not use vouchers.

According to Sigit, what he did was part of his responsibility. By trying out directly as a driver, Sigit can better understand the tough tasks of Blue Bird drivers in the field.

"Just knowing and understanding is different from experiencing it yourself," said Sigit as quoted by the YouTube account Ecommurz.

When experiencing it, a person will feel lighter and heavier in a task. For example, when a passenger gets off, the driver must be able to decide where to go, whether waiting for orders from the application, entering the base, or targeting consumers on the road? Decide it turned out to be difficult and needed experience.

Behind the various praises, there are also social media activists who convey their complaints. Most popular is @ariefsabkli's tweet which feels the Blue Bird taxi driver commission for a day driving is inhumane.

As a driver, he admitted that he only received a net commission of Rp. 80,020. The same thing seemed to be tweeted by the @gruusomeflower account, a Blue Bird taxi passenger who claimed to have been disturbed by the driver who asked for a bad review in order to get a service for his taxi.

The issue of dismissing employees also broke out on a tweet with negative sentiment. The @waltertothemars account revealed the fate of his father as a Blue Bird driver who was dismissed for no apparent reason in 2016. Meanwhile, the @__dewifortuna account tells the fate of his neighbor who was dismissed due to lung pain even though the driver is currently having car installment savings of Rp90 million.

In addition to complaints from drivers, customers who have taken Blue Bird taxis also voiced. As can be seen from the @thedufresne and @tegranabretnip accounts which regret that most of the fleets used by Blue Bird are transmover types such as Avanza so they are uncomfortable if used at high speed.

Throughout the monitoring period, comic tweet Ernest Prakarsa became an impressive tweet from Twitter activists. Through his account @ernestprakasa, he shared his experience of seeing Nikita Willy and her husband who is also Blue Bird's heir to this taxi in an Avanza car. He considered this to be a cool and memorable thing for imaging.

Then the next account that received a lot of impressions from Twitter activists was the @ngabdul account. His tweet responded to the action of Blue Bird CEO who became a taxi driver. He praised and considered Blue Bird as one of the taxi companies in the world who managed to defeat the taxi attack.

The application is no less good, there is no need to burn billions of dollars in investors' money and can still provide better services than a taxionline.

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