Against Ad Blockers, YouTube Tests Addition Of Ads Through Servers

JAKARTA YouTube is still trying to get rid of ad blocking tools to watch videos for free on its platform. This time, YouTube is trying to inject or add ads from the server side. SponsorBlock, a crowdsource extension that can be used to get rid of ads on YouTube, says that YouTube is testing an attempt to add ads through the server. This experiment makes SponsorBlock fail to block ads. "YouTube is currently experimenting with ad injection on the server side. That is, ads are added directly to the video stream. It breaks the sponsor block because now all time stamps are balanced with ad time," said the SponsorBlock developer, quoted on Wednesday, June 12. In this way, ads will be part of the video and not be broadcast separately to websites or YouTube applications. Therefore, users will continue to view advertisements despite using an ad blocking tool. Although ad injection through the server side will be difficult to resist, SponsorBlock is still trying to get rid of ads so that free YouTube users can watch the show comfortably. However, it is uncertain whether SponsorBlock's efforts will work.

"For now, I'm setting up a server to detect when someone sends it from a browser and refuses to send it to prevent the database from being filled with misdeliverements," said the SponsorBlock developer. According to SponsorBlock's findings, ad injection from the server side is still in the testing phase so other ad blocking tools can still be used. Once launched, ad blocking tools must think of new ways to get rid of ads on YouTube.