Due To The 2 Meter Flood, Traders At Kapuas Hulu Market Were Forced To Sell On The Highway

KapUAS HULU - Floods that hit a number of lowlands in the Kapuas Hulu Regency area, West Kalimantan, including the Pagi Market area of Putussibau City resulted in traders being forced to move to the edge of the highway. "In the flood market, sir, we were forced to sell these roads to make it easier for people to shop for necessities," said Ani, one of the vegetable traders in Putussibau Market to ANTARA, December 3 Sunday. Floods hit several areas in the capital of Kapuas Hulu Regency since Saturday (2/12) due to the overflowing of the Kapuas River and several other rivers. The water level varied between 50 centimeters to 2 meters. The public that was shopping at Pagi Putussibau Market on Sunday afternoon was still quite crowded even though the flood had not yet completely receded. In the Bay Barak area, Kelamin Hilir, South Putussibau District, the flood even resulted in road access to be completely cut off due to water submerged. Residents were forced to use boats and some of them also made the stage near the house as a place of refuge while when the water submerged their residence. On Sunday afternoon at 12.20 WIB the floods recededed, however, the puddles were still high. Head of the Kapuas Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Kapuas Hulu Gunawan said that up to date only three sub-districts reported flood data were Pengkadan District, Bika District and Kalis District. "We have asked that sub-districts and village heads immediately submit reports according to the format we have provided," he said. It is known that flooding hit several villages in coastal sub-districts such as Boyan Tanjung, Bunut Hilir, Embaloh Hilir, Pengkad, Jongkong, Embaloh Hilir, Bika, Putussibau Ut, Putussibau Ut and several other low areas. Gusan appealed to areas on the coast of the Kapuas River to increase their vigilance against water discharge flow from the upstream. "What we are concerned about is a large enough aftershock if there is another rain in the upstream area of the Kapuas River," he said.

Therefore, Gunawan again reminded the sub-district heads and village heads to immediately submit reports, especially data related to the impact of flooding. "We continue to monitor and collect data affected by the flood. We ask the sub-district and village heads to immediately report conditions in their respective areas," said Gunawan.