Three Days Lost, Garut Residents Found Dead Dragged By The Cimanuk River
The SAR team evacuated the body from the Cimanuk Garut River (ANTARA)


The Search And Rescue (SAR) team managed to find a resident dead, Sunday after three days of being declared missing due to falling while fishing in the Cimanuk River, Leuwigoong District, Garut Regency, West Java, Sunday, June 4.

The Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Garut Regency, Satria Budi, said the victim was identified as Husen (45), the second victim who was found after being reported missing and swept away by the current of the Cimanuk River, last Friday.

"Now the victim was immediately rushed to the Leuwigoong Health Center," said Satria, quoted by ANTARA, Sunday, June 4.

West Java Disaster Unit Coordinator Quick Response (JQR) Syehabudin added that his party sent volunteers to help the joint SAR Team search for two residents who were carried by the current of the Cimanuk River.

The SAR team, he said, on the second day of the search managed to find the victim Ramdhani (25) about 30 meters from the initial location where the victim was declared missing.

Then on the third day the search managed to find Husen about 1.5 km, then the two bodies were taken to the puskesmas.

"On Sunday, June 4, 2023 at 11.44 WIB, the field team managed to find the second survivor on behalf of Husen," said Syehabudin.

He conveyed information gathered by the two victims, residents of Karangpawitan District, Garut, who used to fish fishing activities in the Cimanuk River.

Unexpectedly Ramdani fell into the river, then Husen tried to help him by throwing himself into the river, but both of them allegedly could not swim until they were eventually swept away and disappeared.

The report that two missing people were carried away by the river current made the joint SAR Team immediately search for victims by following the river current and also using rubber boats.

The search operation involved BPBD Garut Regency, Basarnas Bandung SAR Office, Tagana, PMI, West Java Quick Response, elements of Forkopimcam Leuwigoong, police, TNI, community and other volunteers

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