JAKARTA Snap Inc., a Snapchat app developer, will pay 15 million US dollars (Rp 247 billion) to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by the California Department of Civil Rights. Allegations of gender discrimination emerged after Snap was investigated for three years. Based on the findings of the California Department of Civil Rights, Snap failed to pay or promote the position of female employees equally. This gender discrimination allegedly came after Snap experienced growth from 2015 to 2022. Within seven years, the social media manager managed to increase the number of employees from 250 to 5,000 people. Civil rights agencies in California said that Snap allowed women to be targeted for sexual seduction. The company is also suspected of creating an unfriendly work environment for female employees. After obtaining the allegations, Snap Spokesman Ashley Adams denied the allegations. He told The Verge that Snap continues to support a fair work environment and does not discriminate between gender-based employees.

"We are deeply concerned with our commitment to safeguarding a fair and inclusive environment on Snap, and we are not sure we are experiencing an issue of salary equality, discrimination, harassment, or retaliation against women," Adams said. Despite denying these allegations, Snap decided to resolve this issue and focus on future improvements. Of the agreed amount, IDR 239 billion will be distributed to all female employees. Before paying compensation, Snap will hire independent consultants to evaluate and recommend compensation policies and promotions on Snap. This needs to be done so that Snap can distribute compensation fairly.

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