Neuralink Successful, First Patient With Brain Chip Able To Control Mouse With Mind
Experts at Neuralink are carrying out implant surgery. (photo: x @neuralink)

JAKARTA - The first human patient to be implanted with a chip in the brain from Neuralink appears to have fully recovered. According to company founder Elon Musk on Monday night, February 19, the patient was even claimed to be able to control the computer mouse using his mind.

"Good progress, and patients seem to have fully recovered, without any bad effects we know about. Patients can move mice on screen just by thinking," Musk said in a Spaces show on social media platform X.

Musk said that Neuralink is now trying to get as many mouse buttons as possible from the patient. Neuralink did not immediately respond to media requests for more details.

The company managed to implant chips in its first human patient last month, after obtaining approval for human trial recruitment in September 2023.

The study used robots to place brain-computer interface implants in brain regions that control the intention to move, Neuralink said, adding that its original goal was to allow people to control computer censorship or keyboards using their minds.

Musk has big ambitions for Neuralink, saying the company will facilitate the rapid planting of its chip devices to treat conditions such as obesity, autism, depression, andappropriation.

Neuralink, valued at about $5 billion last year, has been faced with repeated calls for further examination of its security protocol. Reuters reported last month that the company was fined for violating US Department of Transport regulations regarding the movement of hazardous materials.

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