Apple Develops AI And LLM Features For IOS 18
Illustration of iOS 18 for iPhone (photo: dock. unsplash)

JAKARTA Don't want to be left behind by Samsung and Google, Apple is also creating a variety of new features with Artificial Intelligence (AI) personnel. Reportedly, this feature will be added to iOS 18.

Apple's internal parties, including CEO Tim Cook, have given a sign that the company is developing an AI-based feature. Although not clearly disclosed, some of its features have been leaked and discussed a lot.

Some time ago, Briomberg reported that iOS 18 will be one of the biggest iOS updates ever. The reason is, Apple will add a Big Language Model (LLM) that will compete with OpenAI, namely AppleGPT.

Reportedly, Apple GPT uses a framework known as Ajax. This framework has been worked on since 2022 to become the basis for machine learning. Ajax will also be the basis for all AI features in iOS 18.

Meanwhile, citing from 9to5mac, some AI features to be added to iOS 18 are Siri's new version with LLM and AI integration into Pages, Keynotes, and Numbers in summary form, content creators, and much more.

Additionally, there's an automated playlist maker feature on Apple Music, a feature to complete code blocks on Xcodes, Spotlight searches with generative AI, AI-powered health training, and automatic messaging apps.

Although many AI-based features have leaked, some features may not be added to iOS 18. Most likely, features that still need to be developed carefully will be added to the next update, iOS 19.

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