Circle To Search Feature Now Available In Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro And Samsung Galaxy S24
Google's new Circle to Search feature (photo: Google)

JAKARTA - Google announced that the Circle to Search feature has now been launched globally for users of the Google Pixel 8 Pixel 8 Pro smartphone and also the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Introduced earlier this month, Circle to Search is a feature that allows users to find out more about images, videos, or text on mobile phones, with just a circle around them.

The search giant believes that this new feature aims to make it more natural to engage with Google Search whenever there's a question in your head.

However, this feature also has other ways than circle objects, where Google reveals that you can also highlight, scribble, or tap on the screen anywhere.

Sata introduced this feature for the first time, Google mentions that this Circle to Search allows you to search for anything on Android phones without switching between apps.

For example, if you need help identifying multiple items in video content, you only need to keep the home button or navigation bar on your Android phone long enough to enable Circle to Search.

The most important thing in launching this feature is a generative summary supported by AI, so you can more easily understand concepts, ideas, or topics with useful information collected from all over the web.

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