Angola Becomes The 33rd Country To Join The Artemis Agreement
Angola joins the Artemis Agreement (photo: Doc. NASA)

JAKARTA The Artemis program, the mission of landing and exploration of astronauts on the Moon, has received support from Angola. The country expressed its support on Thursday, November 30.

The Aeronautics Agency and the United States (NASA) said that Angola had signed the Artemis Agreement. This approval was made when Angolan President Jo urus Louren Badminton visited the White House to meet US President Joe Biden.

With the joining of Angola in the Artemis Agreement, NASA is now officially supported by 33 countries. All countries that join the Artemis Agreement, including Angola, will work together in the success of the Artemis mission.

The Artemis Agreement establishes a series of practical principles to guide cooperation in space exploration between countries, including countries participating in NASA's Artemis program, NASA wrote in its release.

Recently, NASA's Artemis mission received support from Bulgaria and the Netherlands. The two filled out the Artemis Agreement last November on a different date. At that time, state representatives had met directly with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

There is not much information about Angola's participation in this NASA release. The reason is, Nelson was unable to meet face-to-face with Louren Maryo because he was in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to attend the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) of the United Nations Conference.

However, from Spacenews' report, it is known that President Angola only briefly visited the White House. Although the space program in Angola is still relatively small, Biden still welcomes the support.

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