Google Drive View Will Be Updated For Google Workspace Subscribers
Google Drive will update the display (photo: dock. Google)

JAKARTA Google Drive has launched a new look specifically for Google Workspace subscribers. This view will bring three updates, from filterchips to modern designs.

With this updated display coming, Google Drive wants to accelerate the productivity of users in accessing their platform. This update is added to the main view which is currently written as Homeau Beranda.

Google Drive users will see personalized suggestions with machine learning algorithms. This suggestion can help you search for various types of files with a choice of file menus and folders in the Suggestions line.

Another update that Google adds is a filterchip to narrow the search. Right next to Saran, Google Drive will show the option of finding files by type, person, modification date, and location.

Finally, users will get a more modern design update. This design has implemented the Google Material Design 3 guidelines. This design was created to make it easier for users to navigate on Google Drive.

For information, the Beranda sign is a replacement for my Drive sign. This sign will appear automatically, the sign needs to be activated first. However, users can change the sign to its original view.

To restore theanda sign to my Drive, users only need to tap thebah to Drive Saya when they see the banner in Beranda. Once tapped, my Drive sign will return to its original state.

It should be emphasized that this latest look can only be obtained by Google Workspace subscribers. This update will be launched in January next year and will be tested in May.

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