Google Will Update AI Core on Pixel 8 Pro
Pixel 8 Pro can update the AI Core application (photo: dock. Google)

JAKARTA – One of the Pixel 8 Pro's flagship applications, AI Core, will soon be updated by Google. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) application has just been released in beta according to a report by 9to5google.

AI Core is an important application developed by Google. This app is integrated into the Google Pixel 8 Pro to support the use of AI in various applications from background services.

By updating this app, Pixel users will get many AI updates across various apps. The Google Play Store description states that the AI ​​Core update will use the latest AI foundation model.

Google also said that AI Core needs to have its models updated automatically because these apps will drive functionality and keep AI features intelligent in other apps.

Even though this application can be updated, the information display from AI Core will be different from other applications. The information page will only show an additional Settings menu in the app with one option.

Users will be presented with the Enable AICore Persistent option with the caption Allow AICore to carve out memory and run persistently. This menu can be disabled and activated freely.

This update has only arrived in beta with release 582652206. Although 9to5google was able to find this update, it is not yet known whether regular or older Pixel 8 devices will get this update.

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