Snapchat Will Have A Generative AI-Based Feature Similar To Photo Application
Snapchat is reportedly working on a new feature of genre Artificial Intelligence (AI) dubbed Dreams, (photo: dock. snapshot)

JAKARTA - Snapchat is reportedly working on a new representative Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature dubbed Dreams, after previously launching an OpenAI-based chatbot, My AI.

According to researcher and app developer Steve Moser's findings, Dreams is similar to what other AI-powered photo apps have offered.

Dreams are designed to allow users to take fantastic selfies in the scenario they envision, of course produced by AI.

This new feature may also include aspects of Dreams with Friends, where users can collaborate with other people.

Moser also revealed that the feature will have optional paid content called Dream Packs. It is not known for sure when this new feature will be launched.

Launching TechCrunch and Hypebeast, Tuesday, August 22, Dreams was first seen recently by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi revealing that this feature can put users' will into a natural that is based on a generating AI. It is claimed, Dreams will be placed between the Roll Camera and Stories.

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