Japan Begins To Limit Semiconductor Exports To China For Security Reasons
The Japanese government will begin limiting exports of advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China. (photo: doc. Pixabay)

JAKARTA - Kyodo News reported on Saturday 4 February that the Japanese Government will start restricting exports of advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China in the spring after amending its foreign exchange law to allow for the change.

The new regulations will make no specific mention of China in an effort to reduce the risk of retaliation by Beijing, without specifying where to obtain the information.

The Japanese government did this for reasons of national security and consideration of diplomatic relations with other countries. There are concerns that the technology could be used for military purposes by China or passed on to other countries that are not responsible.

It is also part of a global effort to limit exports of essential technology to China. The Japanese government hopes that limiting these exports can help prevent national security problems and strengthen Japan's diplomatic position in relations with China and other countries.

Japan and the Netherlands have agreed to join the United States in stopping shipments of semiconductor manufacturing equipment produced by companies such as Nikon Corp and ASML Holdings in an effort to stop China from developing and manufacturing advanced chips that could be used to enhance its military might.

However, only Washington has acknowledged the existence of the deal, and has not released details on what equipment will be restricted.

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