Toyota Announces Toyota's Top Three Rangga Concept Digital Modification Contest
Toyota's Model Rangga Concept Digital Modification Contest. (Doc. Toyota)

JAKARTA - PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) together with the NMAA (National Modicifier and Aftermarket Association) previously opened up opportunities for the wider community to develop various latest conversion ideas on Toyota Hilux Rangga commercial vehicles, in order to generate more inspiration that can meet customer business needs and lifestyles.

This time, Toyota announced the Top 3 Winners of the Digital Modification Contest Toyota Rangga Concept (Digimodz). In the final stage, the finalists created a 1:1 scale model to fully describe the results of the conversion design when applied to the mass production version.

Participants from the body maker made modifications to Hilux Rangga Cab & Chassis independently, while individual participants partnered with experienced modifiers in the automotive sector. After going through a rigorous judging process by competent judges in the automotive sector, finally the top 3 Toyota Rangga Concept Digimodz was selected:

"Through the vision of 'To Contribute More to Society', PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) hopes that the community will contribute to the development of Toyota Hilux Rangga by creating a conversion design that suits the increasingly special and diverse needs of customers. Toyota expresses its gratitude for the great enthusiasm of the community in participating in this contest and appreciates the design work of the participants who exceeded our expectations," said PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) Marketing Director, Anton Jimmi Suwandy, in his official statement, Wednesday, February 21.

Toyota Kijang Pick Up has successfully attracted public interest by involving local cargories in its development. Inspired by the innovative steps in the development of this iconic vehicle, the company has also expanded collaboration coverage by involving the wider community in designing the design of the multipurpose Toyota Hilux Rangga trading vehicle.

As is known, by collaborating with NMAA, Toyota held a digital design contest Toyota Hilux Rangga or Toyota Rangga Concept when it was still a concept car called Digital Modification Contest (Digimodz) in August 2023. This virtual design contest with the theme Business x Public Service x Gaya Hidup invites the public to participate in producing fresh, modern, up-to-date design ideas, and in accordance with customer needs.

Participants, consisting of the general public and representatives of body makers, sent virtual designs based on 3 selected themes, namely Business to support customer business activities, Public Services to provide services to the community, and Lifestyle to support the owner's lifestyle. Each theme demands functional and versatile commercial vehicles, with high mobility and durability, and attractive and attractive.

"Congratulations to the winners of the Toyota Rangga Concept (Digimodz) Digital Modification Contest which is the first commercial vehicle design contest in Indonesia. Hopefully, the designs of the winners can be applied in mass production later and inspire the creation of more conversion designs that match customer business needs and lifestyles," said Anton Jimmi Suwandy.

He also stated that with the election of Top 3 Toyota Rangga Concept DigiModz, Toyota hopes to open up even wider opportunities to collaborate with all parties, both body makers and the general public, in creating new businesses or other creative ideas that can provide many benefits and positive impacts on Indonesia's economic progress.

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