JAKARTA - Saudi Arabian authorities have prepared a number of health facilities to support the worship of pilgrims from various parts of the world, when this year's series of Hajj services will begin this Friday and will be attended by more than 1.5 million people.

The Ministry of Health of the National Guard has prepared five clinics and one medical center, for handling fatigue due to heat and sun shocks in Mina and Arafah, to serve pilgrims during this year's Hajj season.

The Saudi Press Agency reported on Thursday that the ministry had completed its preparations, alerted 250 employees and health practitioners, including 50 specialists in intensive care, cardiology, emergency, internal medicine, surgery, midwifery and gynecologist, orthopedics, family and community medicine, as well as handling infections.

"Five clinics have been prepared for men and women suffering from respiratory diseases, along with 26 hospitalization beds, ICU beds, and isolation rooms," said Dr. Jabr Al-Subaie, head of operations in the ministry's Health Affairs Section in the Western Region, as reported by Arab News June 14.

"rooms for small operations, dental clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories will also be provided, along with radiology services," he added.

In addition, the Ministry's Health Department is also present for the second year in Arafah, with a center for handling fatigue due to heat and stings, equipped with having 20 beds with the latest equipment.

The center has an air and water spray distribution system. There are also clinics for men and women as well as outpatient pharmacies.

"All rescue teams are equipped with the latest emergency equipment and support at the Jamarat locations in Mina and Jabal Al-Rahma (Gunung Arafah)," said the medical inspector at the field hospital in Mina Dr. Majid Al-Thaqafi.

As previously reported, this year's Hajj season will start on June 14 with wukuf in Arafah falling on June 15 and Eid the following day.

The Saudi Arabian Meteorology Agency has predicted a high average temperature of up to 48 degrees Celsius in Makkah during this month's pilgrimage, quoted from The National News.

"The climate estimate for this year's Hajj is an increase in the average temperature of one and a half to two degrees above normal in Makkah and Medina," said Ayman Ghulam, Head of the National Meteorological Center.

He said the afternoon temperature could peak at 48 degrees Celsius.

"We estimate relative humidity of 25 percent, and although we expect a low chance of rain for almost all day, there are some estimates of heavy rains in the Taif highlands that may reach the holy places," he said.

The Directorate General of Saudi Arabian Passports confirmed that as of Tuesday, 1,547,295 pilgrims had arrived in the country. Authorities said 1,483,312 pilgrims entered Saudi Arabia via airports, while the rest arrived by land and sea.

The number includes 4,200 Palestinians from the occupied West Bank arriving in Mecca earlier this month, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Waqf and Religious Affairs.

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