The East Kalimantan Provincial Government emphasized that the news circulating on social media about flooding due to the overflow of the Mahakam River which affected the city of Nusantara was a hoax.

"The content that is spread on TikTok related to the overflowing flood of the Mahakam River impacting the city of Nusantara is not true," said Acting Governor of East Kalimantan Akmal Malik in Penajam, Saturday, May 18.

According to the Acting Governor of Akmal Malik, the overflow of the Mahakam River is an annual cycle that usually hits Samarinda City and West Kutai Regency, Kutai Kartanegara, and Mahakam Hulu Regency. The local district and city governments have made various anticipations so that flooding can be controlled.

The video circulating on TikTok with a duration of five minutes stating that the overflow of the Mahakam River affected the city of Nusantara is not true. The distance between the Mahakam River and the closest point in the Nusantara City area in the Kutai Kartanegara Regency area is approximately 50 kilometers, so it is impossible to overflow into the capital city of Indonesia's future country.

"Flooding does not have an impact on the core area of the central government (KIPP), the Nusantara Capital Area (KIKN), and the Nusantara Capital Development Area (KPIKN)," he said.

The Provincial Government of East Kalimantan has coordinated with the local Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) to prepare an early warning system for potential disasters to minimize casualties. With this early warning system, officers can detect water movements from Long Apari, so there is still time to save existing assets in affected districts and cities.

In addition to the early warning system, an integrated disaster management system was also established for all regencies and cities in East Kalimantan Province to facilitate prevention and handling before and during disasters, said Akmal Malik.

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