Malang Regent Rendra Kresna is obliged to report after being released from condition after serving a prison sentence at the Class I Surabaya Penitentiary in Porong, Sidoarjo, since October 2018 for being involved in two corruption cases. Head of the Guidance Section for Adult Clients at the Malang Class I Correctional Center (Bapas) Sofia Andriani said, Rendra Kresna is obliged to report once a month at the Malang Fathers. "The obligation is to be absent every month once on the Fathers, there is no difference with other clients," Sofia said in Malang City, East Java, Antara, Wednesday, April 24. Sofia explained that Rendra Kresna had been given an explanation of the rights and obligations during his time as a client of the Malang Fathers. Rendra will undergo coaching under the supervision of the Malang Fathers until July 28, 2028. Another obligation that must be fulfilled by Rendra Kresna is not to commit violations or repeat crimes. In addition, it does not make you restless in the surrounding environment and is prohibited from going abroad. "During his time as a client, he was also prohibited from going abroad, except for Hajj, Umrah and seek treatment. It also requires permission to go to the ministry," he said. He added that during his time as a client of the Malang Fathers, Rendra Kresna was expected to be a good example for other clients, considering that the former Malang Regent was also a community figure in Malang Regency. "Hopefully, as long as we are clients, we can also set a good example for other clients. Considering that our clients from Malang Regency are also many," he said. Meanwhile, Rendra Kresna said that he came to the Malang Class I Fathers to report after being released from the Surabaya Class I Prison on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. "His daily life is of course under the supervision and monitoring of the Fathers and I have to report every month, according to existing procedures," said Rendra. The Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) of East Java stated that the parole was given to Rendra Kresna because he had met the existing administrative requirements. Rendra has participated in the personality coaching program and independence at the Class I Prison in Surabaya. This made Rendra get various remissions for the changes shown. Rendra Kresna received a total remission of 14 months and 15 days since being detained on October 15, 2018. In addition, he has also paid a fine from two existing cases of Rp. 750 million.
Rendra Kresna was released on condition based on the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia dated April 18, 2024 Number PAS-711.PK.05.09 of 2024.

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