Praise The Ratification Of The US Aid Package, Ukrainian President Zelensky: Long Distance Capability To Air Defense Is Important
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. (Source:

JAKARTA - President Volodymyr Zelensky appreciated the ratification of the draft foreign aid package law which was just passed by the United States Senate on Tuesday local time, in which there was an aid package for Ukrina.

"I thank the United States Senate for agreeing to critical aid to Ukraine today," he said in a post on social media X.

The law underscores US support for Ukraine, President Zelensky said, adding the aid would increase the country's defense and military capabilities on the battlefield.

"This vote strengthens America's role as a beacon of democracy and a leader of the free world," he said.

The United States Senate on Tuesday approved a US$95 billion aid package (Rp1,536,031,250,000,000) for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan which were long delayed, after gaining majority support on Capitol Hill.

The total package received 79 versus 18 support in the vote. Fourteen-eight Democratic Party members and 31 Republicans approved the bill.

Nearly 61 billion US dollars (Rp986,293,750,000,000) from the latest aid package allocated to Ukraine. This is almost the same as what was included in the previous Senate bill.

Of the total funds, about US$23 billion (Rp371,958,300,000,000) will be used to add weapons, supplies and facilities. Then, more than US$11 billion (Rp177,893,100,000,000) will fund current US military operations in the region. There are also nearly US$14 billion (Rp226,409,400,000,000) to help Ukraine buy advanced weapons systems and other defense equipment.

Earlier, President Zelensky said in the middle of this month the shortage of air defense missiles caused Ukraine unable to thwart a Russian attack that hit the largest power plant in the capital Kyiv region.

President Zelensky's comments, which came after repeated warnings from his government to his allies regarding the scarcity of air defenses, reflect the terrible situation Ukraine experienced when Russia stepped up attacks on its energy system.

"Ukraine's long-range capabilities, artillery, and air defenses are an important tool to restore peace more quickly," President Zelensky said.

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