Floods Grobogan Central Java Soak Thousands Of Houses
The road in Grobogan Regency, Central Java, experienced flooding due to high rainfall and overflowing local river water. (ANTARA/HO-BPBD Grobogan)

Acting Governor of Central Java Nana Sudjana said the floods that occurred in Grobogan Regency are currently submerging at least 2,662 houses and 56 hectares of rice fields.

"The cause of the flood was heavy rain that occurred on Monday night, February 5, 2024," Nana said as quoted by ANTARA, Tuesday, February 6.

Based on the latest data from the Central Java Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) received at 12.00 WIB, floods in Grobogan affected 32 villages in 12 sub-districts in the area.

Not only submerging houses and rice fields, but the flood also inundated six educational facilities, one house of worship, one cow's cage, and damaged the talud and road infrastructure.

Heavy rains that occurred on Monday (5/2) night, he said, caused the volume of water in three watersheds (DAS), namely the Lusi River, Serang River, and the Tuntang River in Grobogan to overflow.

The sub-districts affected by the flood include Godong, Tawangharjo, Geyer, and Tegowanu, Penawangan, Purwodadi, Toroh, Karangrayung, Kedungjati, Tangahharjo, Grobogan, and Gubug.

In Gubug District, the flood caused Jalan Raya Purwodadi-Gubug to be flooded with water on the west side of the bridge so that traffic was cut off.

Nana said the current flood conditions had gradually receded at several points, and were still being handled by BPBD Central Java together with BPBD Grobogan Regency.

Regarding handling efforts, he said, the Central Java BPBD continues to coordinate with the Grobogan Regency BPBD to ensure conditions in the field, both the evacuation of affected communities, the preparation of public kitchens, and the necessary logistics distribution.

"BPBD Grobogan Regency together with the Central Java Provincial Government assisted by the TNI and Polri continue to take steps to evacuate. We direct the affected people to several safe places. Field kitchens and logistics delivery are also carried out," he said.

In addition, BPBD Grobogan also coordinates with village officials to handle and evacuate flood-trapped residents, including distributing packaged rice to affected residents.

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