The Improvement Of The Files On The Reason Why Firli Bahuri Revoked The Pretrial Lawsuit, The Question Of Proposing Again Is Not Certain
Firli Bahuri's attorney, Ian Iskandar at the South Jakarta District Court, Tuesday, January 30. (Rizky A-VOI)

The pretrial lawsuit that was filed by Firli Bahuri regarding his determination as a suspect in the alleged extortion and gratification case against former Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo has been officially revoked. The reason is that there is a desire to perfect the file.

"For the reason, maybe legal considerations want us to perfect it and this is also for the purposes related to the pretrial itself. That's all," said Firli Bahuri's attorney, Ian Iskandar, to reporters at the South Jakarta District Court, Tuesday, January 30.

The refinement of the file is carried out so that later if you file a pretrial lawsuit, all the points contained in the application file can be granted.

"Yes, there is some material (which is not yet as complete). Later it can be conveyed if we re-submit it, like that," he continued.

Regarding when to file the pretrial lawsuit, Ian said he could not confirm it. Because, later the legal team will discuss it first to determine this matter.

"There is an opportunity not to file (pretrial lawsuit), there is an opportunity to file again, like that," said Ian.

Firli Bahuri's pretrial lawsuit was officially withdrawn after single judge Estiono received a letter of application from the applicant's camp and read it out at trial.

"Granted the lifting of the penohon pretrial," said Estiono during a trial at the South Jakarta District Court.

One of the reasons for granting the withdrawal of the lawsuit was because it was the right of the applicant in this case, Firli Bahuri.

"The pretrial submission is the right of the applicant as well as the revocation," said Estiono.

As a reminder, Firli Bahuri's pre-perdulant lawsuit is registered at the South Jakarta District Court with case number 17/Pid.Pra/2024/PN JKT.SEL.

The main material in the lawsuit is whether or not the determination is legal as a suspect.

In the lawsuit, the respondent, namely the Director of Special Criminal Investigation at the Metro Jaya Police, Kombes Ade Safri Simanjuntak.

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