Disdikpora Records 1,589 Middle School Graduates In Cianjur Do Not Continue To SMA/SMK
Illustration of teaching and learning activities in junior high schools. (Between)

CIANJUR - The Department of Youth and Sports Education (Disdikpora) of Cianjur Regency continues to look for ways to reduce the dropout rate of Cianjur. Mainly for junior high school (SMP) students to continue to a higher level.

Head of the Cianjur Helmi Regency Disdikpora Middle School Division in Cianjur, Friday, said that in 2023, it was recorded that out of 32,120 students graduated from junior high schools in the area, 1,589 graduates did not continue their education to the SMA/SMK level equivalent due to economic factors.

"Although the figure is below 10 percent, we are targeting the number to continue to decrease every year, so that 100 percent of junior high school graduates can continue their education to a higher level every year," he said.

In addition to directing junior high school graduates to proceed to formal schools, his party also directed those who dropped out of school in the middle of the road to pick up package B and package C at the Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM) near their respective places of residence.

His party also coordinated with hundreds of Islamic boarding school administrators in Cianjur to reduce the number of school dropouts by directing students who are undergoing education in Islamic boarding schools without public education, directing their students to be able to have formal diplomas.

"We direct the management of Islamic boarding schools to allow their students to continue their education, both formally and following the package C or SMA equivalent," he said.

Helmi revealed that the dropout rate at the junior high school level was still very high, due to economic factors. Parents objected because they were burdened with school fees and others, while for elementary and junior high school it was free, so the choice of continuing to PKBM was a solution.

"The number of dropouts this year is less than the previous year which reached 4,400 students, while this year it has decreased to 1,589 students. This remains our concern how in the future all junior high school graduates in Cianjur will continue their education to a higher level," he said.

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