OJK Blocks 1,700 Bank Accounts Related To Online Gambling

JAKARTA - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has blocked 1,700 bank accounts related to online gambling cases.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the blocking was carried out by the OJK as a form of eradicating online gambling, which is currently mushrooming in the community.

"This is the result of cooperation with Kominfo. If you look at the data, the number of accounts that have been blocked is around 1,700 and this is still growing," said OJK Banking Supervision Chief Executive Dian Ediana Rae as reported by ANTARA, Monday, October 9.

Currently, several banks are building a system that can detect whether an account is related to the online gambling business or not.

Therefore, OJK asked the bank to immediately report to the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) to follow up on the status of each account related to online gambling so that steps can be ascertained.

"We also ask banks to report to PPATK to follow up on the actual status of each of these accounts so that it is more certain what steps should be taken next," said Dian.

Meanwhile, based on the PPATK report, during the 2017-2022 period, the circulation of online gambling funds had reached Rp190 trillion. This number comes from 887 networks of dealers and 156 million illegal transactions.

Kominfo has also terminated access or removed 60,582 online gambling content.

Previously, Deputy Commissioner for Law and Investigation of OJK Rizal Ramadhani also asked banks to get to know the customer's profile better and supervise their account transactions as an effort to prevent gambling transactions, especially online gambling.

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