Update!, Police Confused Revealing The Murder Case Of A Woman Dressed In Longdress At Central Park
Body of a woman dressed in a long address who was murdered at Central Park Mall/ Photo: IST

The Tanjung Duren Police have not been able to confirm the motive for the suspect Andi Handoyo (26) who had the heart to kill the woman with the initials FD (44) in the Lobby area of Central Park Mall, Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta.

"We are still investigating this motive, we cannot explain or confirm what the motive is because we have to explore the existing facts. We are still investigating the statements of witnesses from the victim's relatives and the family," said Tanjung Duren Police Chief Kompol Muharram Wibisono to reporters, Wednesday, September 27.

Suspect Andi Handoyo stabbed the victim using a knife that he had brought from home.

"He brought a knife from home and then went to the TKP (the crime scene), it was already in the planning category," he said.

Meanwhile, when asked for information, the suspect Andi Handoyo admitted that he did not recognize the victim. Meanwhile, the victim's confession did not recognize the suspect Andi Handoyo.

"We have to find out what the motive is again, so that the kok who is the target is the victim," he said.

Meanwhile, according to the suspect's statement, the police admitted that they had difficulty because their statements often changed.

"The confession from the perpetrator has changed so that we must match the statements of the witnesses, both from the victim's side and from the perpetrator's family itself," he said.

A woman with the initials FD (43) was found dead covered in blood as a result of being killed in the lobby of Laguna Central Park Mall, Tanjung Duren Selatan Village, Grogol Petamburan District, West Jakarta on Tuesday, September 26.

From the information gathered by VOI, the incident was first noticed by a janitor. Then it was reported to the security guard who was on guard at the exit of Loby Laguna.

Then the security guard came to the scene. The case was then reported to the Tanjung Duren Police.

When found, the victim died face down.

"The victim was found wearing a pink sweater, black long address and pink shoes," said one of the witnesses with the initials H, Tuesday, September 26.

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