Police Have Not Stopped Blasphemy Cases Despite Revocation Of Reports, Panji Gumilang Against
The head of the Al Zaytun Panji Gumilang Islamic Boarding School arrived at the Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Tuesday, August 1 (Rizky AP/VOI)

JAKARTA - The Panji Gumilang camp will file a pretrial lawsuit after the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police stated that it will continue to process the alleged blasphemy case. Although, the two whistleblowers have withdrawn the report. "(Pretrial) The arrest, detention, and determination of the suspect," said Panji's attorney, Ali Syafudin, when confirmed, Friday, September 22. However, regarding the time of filing or registering the lawsuit, Ali has not been able to elaborate. His party is still coordinating regarding the legal measure. "This will be informed (registerment of a pretrial lawsuit)," he said. Not only that, Ali also said that his party would again apply for a suspension of detention. Originally, the Panji Gumilang camp had done so but was not granted by investigators from the General Crime Directorate. Requests for suspension of detention were first submitted when Panji Gumilang was officially named a suspect. "As a legal effort for suspension, pretrial. This will be put forward," said Ali. Previously reported, Bareskrim Polri stated that the handling of the alleged case of religious blasphemy with the suspect Panji Gumilang continued. "This case (the alleged blasphemy of Panji Gumilang) continues to be processed," said Karo Penmas of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan. In fact, investigators have handed over the Panji Gumilang case file back to the Attorney General's Office (AGO). Originally, the investigating prosecutor had stated that the case file was incomplete both formal and material.

Ramadhan said the reason for the investigation process was still ongoing despite the revocation of the report because it was not a complaint offense. "However, it is understood that this case is not a complaint offense. And also this case is not a case category that can be resolved by restorative justice," said Ramadhan.

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