Bareskrim Explores Alleged Money Laundering Committee Panji Gumilang From 9 Witnesses
Director of Special Economic Crimes at Bareskrim Polri Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan/ANTARA PHOTO/Muhammad Adimaja/hp

JAKARTA - Investigators from the Directorate of Special Economic Crimes at the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency continue to investigate allegations of money laundering committed by the Al Zaytun Panji Gumilang Islamic Boarding School leader by examining nine witnesses.

The examination of the witnesses was carried out after investigators raised the status of handling the money laundering offense case from an investigation to an investigation since Wednesday, August 16.

"Update on the development of the handling of the investigation into the Panji Gumilang TPPU case, today, nine witnesses were examined on Monday," said Director of Special Economic Crimes at the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan, quoted by ANTARA, Monday, August 28.

He explained that the nine witnesses examined came from the Indonesian Islamic Boarding School Foundation (YPI) and Madrasah Al Zaytun. The examination of these witnesses was carried out to investigate the allegations of money laundering offenses on behalf of Panji Gumilang. The examination continued for this week.

The plan, said Whisnu, is that investigators will schedule the examination of 13 witnesses this week.

"Witnesses from the foundation, madrasas and recipients of funds," he added. In investigating this case, Bareskrim investigators also coordinated with foundation experts as well as the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK).

"Furthermore, an investigation will be carried out regarding the role of the foundation and madrasas in the distribution of BOS funds," said Whisnu.

In this case, Panji Gumilang is suspected of violating Article 3 of Law Number 8 of 2010 concerning Money Laundering with a threat of 20 years in prison.

Then Article 70 in conjunction with Article 5 of Law Number 28 of 2004 concerning Amendments to Law Number 16 of 2001 with the threat of a sentence of five years in prison.

Furthermore, the criminal act of embezzlement of Article 372 of the Criminal Code carries a legal threat of four years in prison and a criminal act of corruption Article 2 of Law Number 20 of 2001 concerning Amendments to Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Corruption with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

In investigating the alleged money laundering offense case, Panji Gumilang has not yet had the status of a suspect. Panji Gumilang is currently suspected in the alleged criminal act of blasphemy which was investigated by the Directorate of General Crimes at Bareskrim Polri.

For the case of blasphemy, the current development of case handling of case files has been transferred to the public prosecutor.

Investigators are waiting for the progress of research from the prosecutor's office, whether the case file is complete or not.

Pewarta : Laily Rahmawaty

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