Ganjar Glad To Be Supported By Perindo: He Has Big Media Strength
Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo (right to left) with Ketum Perindo Hary Tanoe, and PDIP Chairman Megawati Soekarnopuutri (Special)

JAKARTA - Support for PDI-P presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo has increased again. After PPP supported this time it was Perindo's turn to express support. Perindo is present at the PDIP DPP office, Jalan Diponegoro, Menteng Central Jakarta, Friday 9 June. Of course I thank you, this is part of the cooperation, of course, which makes us more energy. Because more and more days, more support from several parties, including PDIP, PPP, Hanura, PAN, have established communication and now Perindo," said Ganjar at the PDIP DPP office. Ganjar said, this amount of support is part of cooperation and mutual cooperation to build the nation. He hopes that this support will make it more compact and solid. "And of course the hope is that in the future, this will become a political power in parliament as well," he explained. Reward continued Ganjar is one of the non-parliamentary parties that is highly taken into account. This survey of parties made by Hary Tanoesoedibjo also continues to rise. "In addition, it is undeniable that Perindo also has great media power. And that I think that part of the media communication will soon be able to enter remote areas of society in order to know what is the program and mission vision of how the development that has been carried out by Pak Jokowi. So that people will really be able to see everything," he explained.

This collaboration, Ganjar continued, is nothing new. Because the 2019 Presidential Election Perindo has also collaborated with PDIP. "Yes, I think this is part of it. I have met Perindo's friends several times, with Mr. Hary Tanoe, with daily chairmen including those in Central Java. And they all want to continue working together. It feels like there is mutual comfort," he concluded.

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