Vice President: Government Focuses On A Comprehensive Approach In Papua

JAKARTA - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin emphasized that the government is focused on making a comprehensive approach in development efforts, improving welfare and handling security in Papua.

"So this comprehensive approach continues (to be carried out) by the government," said the Vice President as quoted by ANTARA, Thursday, June 8.

The vice president said the comprehensive approach in question was to continue to strive to improve the welfare of the Papuan people and provide affirmations to indigenous Papuans.

The government is also trying to improve services in Papua through new autonomous regions (DOB). It is hoped that with the development of provinces in Papua, efforts to improve services and welfare can be more focused on doing in each region.

On the other hand, said the Vice President, the government also pays attention so that security problems can be resolved and continue to evaluate the steps taken.

"Indeed, what the government takes is a comprehensive approach," said the Vice President.

He emphasized that regarding the handling of security in Papua, the government wants the people to be safe and protected, without the need for many casualties, let alone causing issues that can be considered human rights violations.

"This is all considered," he explained.

Regarding the handling of six red zone districts/prone terrorist separatist groups (KST) in Papua, the Vice President said that the government really wanted to make a special step while still considering the safety of TNI and Polri soldiers.

This comprehensive approach continues to be evaluated and territorial operations will continue to be carried out while continuing to encourage welfare and development. The government is also planning to build governor offices, regional police chief offices, then regional commanders, and all of this is part of a comprehensive effort to handle Papua," he explained.

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