The Third Day Of The Search For Missing La Wane While Fishing In Teluk Lande, Kendari Basarnas Forms 2 Teams
The joint SAR team while searching for the third day of missing fishermen in the waters of Teluk Lande in Sampolawa District, South Buton Regency/ANTARA
KENDARI - The Kendari National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) said that fishermen who were reported missing while at sea in the waters of Teluk Lande, Sampolawa District, South Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi, had not been found after three days of searching. "In the search operation on the third day carried out by the joint SAR team, the victim has not been found," said Acting Head of the Kendari Hidayat Basarnas in a statement in Kendari, Antara, Sunday, June 4 evening. Hidayat said that during a search operation for a victim named La Wane (53), Basarnas was assisted by the South Buton BPBD, Lapandewa Police, Babinsa Gayabaru Village, local residents and victims' families. "In a search operation for middle-aged men who are residents of Gayabaru Village, Lapandewa District, South Buton Regency, Basarnas divided two teams with a search area of 9 nautical miles from the last location the victim was reported missing," he said. Basarnas said Team 1 carried out a dive around the discovery of the victim's net and conducted a sweep in Teluk Lande in the northern part of the last location where the victim was reported missing covering an area of 4 nautical miles using RIB. "Then Team 2 conducted a search of the southern part of the last location where the victim was reported missing covering an area of 5 nautical miles using a longboat," said Hidayat. Previously, victims reportedly went to sea to fish by fishing using a canoe around Teluk Lande waters with a distance of approximately 1 nautical mile from their village on Friday (2/6) at around 02.00 WITA The victim's habit returned from fishing at 18.00 WITA, but until that time it passed, La Wane never returned. At that time, the family had conducted a search, because the results of the zero incidents were reported to Basarnas.
"After receiving the report, Basarnas then carried out a search operation. However, until now the victim has not been found," said Hidayat.

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