1.5 Hectares Of Land Fires In West Aceh Are Confirmed To Be Extinguished
West Aceh BPBD officers carried out monitoring at the location of a land fire in the Lapang Village area, Johan Pahlawan District, Meulaboh, West Aceh Regency, Sunday (28/5/2023). (ANTARA/HO-BPBD West Aceh)

MEULABOH - The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Aceh Regency ensures that a 1.5 hectare land fire in Lapang Village, Johan Pahlawan District, Meulaboh, West Aceh Regency that has occurred since a few days ago, has now been completely extinguished.

"The results of checking officers at the location of the fire, currently there is no more smoke and fire at the scene," said West Aceh Regency BPBD Pusdalops Coordinator Mashuri, quoted by ANTARA, Sunday, May 28.

Land fires in the area have occurred since Monday (22.5) after this incident was reported by people crossing the scene.

As they passed, residents saw thick puffs of smoke and the fire spread rapidly at the location of the land fire, due to the hot weather and the hot conditions of the sun.

His party deployed two fire brigade teams to carry out extinguishing efforts for the past few days.

However, due to the last two days most areas of West Aceh Regency have been hit by heavy rains so that land fires in the 1.5 hectare area have now been completely extinguished.

"The cause of the fire is currently still under investigation by the authorities," said Mashuri.

Based on the results of monitoring at the location by West Aceh BPBD officers, there were also no longer hotspots and smoke at the location of the fire.

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