Roma's 'False 'Gladiator' Was Arrested On Allegedly Tolling Tourists On The Colosseum: The Mode Of Bareng Photos
Colosseum in Rome, Italy. (Wikimedia Commons/Jebulon)

JAKARTA - Three Italian men were arrested for allegedly blackmailing tourists who came to one of the world's most famous tourist destinations, Colosseum, Rome.

The men were arrested on suspicion of extortion after dressing up as▁pentings and officers, then asking tourists for money for their fake "selfie imperial", which they asked to be taken by tourists.

Roma Police in Polizia in Statato announced the news on its Facebook page, stating that during August and September, they received "a number of complaints from foreign tourists who had been extorted for up to 500 euros."

"The modus operandi is identical," wrote the police, launching CNN December 1.

Men dressed as▁pentings or officers are thought to invite their tourist victims to take "selfie imperial" with them outside the Colosseum, and then ask for money. Sometimes "violence and threats" are used

An Italian tourist was asked for 40 euros, when he said no, the two suspects surrounded him, threatened to beat him, and allegedly extorted 150 euros.

An Irish tourist who refused to pay, saying they had no money, was apparently herded to a nearby ATM where they were jostling, police said.

The victim pulled 200 euros and handed it over, only to the men who asked for more, and forced them to take another 50 euros.

Assisted by the Rome Prosecutor's Office, the police identified the three men and immediately took action. Two have been placed under house arrest and one detained. The investigation is still in its early stages.

Roma's fake Gladiator, which is usually dressed as a centurion rather than an army, has long been a problem, with many tourists taking pictures with them unconsciously, they will be charged.

It is known, the practice of asking tourists to pay for photos is illegal, although some do not seem to have received the memo.

In January, two Roman people were fined 13,500 euros when they were caught collecting fees from tourists for a photo, with their costumes confiscated.

In 2015, a Romanian TV crew recorded officers 'riceed' when they refused to pay.

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