JAKARTA - Of the many young Indonesian female soloists today, Marion Jola's presence presents her own color in the music industry. Since her graduation from Indonesian Idol in 2018, the 24-year-old singer has consistently released new works.

Aku Takdirmu which was released on May 16 is her latest single, which seems to strengthen the view of many people that Marion Jola is the sexiest female soloist in her generation.

'Sensual' is the right term to describe Aku Takdirmu. Through lyrics, musical and vocal arrangements, to music videos, Marion Jola emits a sexy aura that other singers find difficult to match.

But sexiness is not the essence of this work. These sexy scenes are a picture of the total love falling that Marion wants to reveal.

"This is a bucin song, a song about a very confident love to someone he loves, you can say it's like 'You don't have to look for it anymore, basically I'm the best, I love you, no one like me'," said Marion Jola, telling her latest single, during a visit to the VOI office in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta recently.

Dara, who is familiarly called Lala, brings a sexy image to a singer at different stages. 'Sexy' is not just what other people see, but it is the best way to express yourself.

"Seksi itu menurut saya orang yang percaya dirinya gilah gitu. Jadi orang ngelihat seperti Ah sekali), padahal sebenarnya itu bagian dari dia percaya saja diri," ujar Lala.

In her new song, Lala also doesn't feel like she has to try to look sexy, what comes out is what comes out of her mind and inside. Likewise, when she is required to act in a music video, she has absolutely no trouble when she has to emit a sexy aura.

"From the start, it was even people who said I was sexy, right. Even though I think I feel like this every day. Then I said that it was sexy," he said.

Although 'Aku Takdirmu' is not devoted to displaying sensuality, Lala sees it well. He said this song was intended for broad listeners, both women and men.

"When we wanted to record this 'Aku Takdirmu', I said that if I wanted a song that men heard that they fell in love, if women heard it they wanted to be the woman in this song," said Marion.

The image of the'sports singer' pinned was also seen by Lala. He saw that he managed to become a singer who was different from many other singers in this industry.

"As a singer, I'm fine, just comfortable (it's called sexy). For me a bonus, it means distinguishing me from others," said the singer from Kupang.

Lala also admitted that she was satisfied with the response of fans and those closest to the song 'Aku Takdirmu'. He felt that the efforts made to continue to grow as a singer, had been seen by others.

"Overall, they like to see Marion Jola with a more mature (adult) version, with a song they choose for themselves," he said.

However, it is undeniable that the image of the'sexy singer' also caused several losses. Lala said that she was often misunderstood, even though she hoped to receive the same treatment as other singers.

"It's really scary, there must be (misunderstanding), it's impossible or not. From the audience or for example from people on social media, you must feel that," said Lala.

"Because I'm sexy, so they can say anything, they chat anything. It's like a lot," he added.

"It doesn't have to be from the public, sometimes if you work there are also some clients who may feel like we are singing like that, because we are sexy singers, it means that if you can embrace photos like that, it doesn't need to be appreciated. Even though I don't, I still have to be appreciated, "he continued.

Marion sees similar cases not only for female singers, but also for men. He hopes fans will also see a public figure in the right way.

In my opinion, boys should be the same, there must have been something wrong too. Because she's sexy or she's a public figure, so there are some people who feel 'Oh, we can treat it badly, we don't respect'. It's just that all this time the impression is that it's easier to be disturbed, it's easier to interfere with, it's easier to talk to, it's easier to talk to fight with, it's definitely more visible and more frequent," he said.

For such a perspective, Lala admits that she can't do much. She feels better to focus on other things that can be done. Bamun, he also encouraged other women to dare to speak up if they saw something that was deemed against the norms.

"If you change people's perspective, I don't make it complicated, because I'm tired for sure. It's really hard to change people's views or change people's behavior if people are already bad or people are not good," said Lala.

"But at best I want to encourage women to talk more, be more open, have the courage to speak up, be bolder to speak up, be more daring to defend themselves, or be more daring to take care of themselves," he continued.

For his attention to the many women out there, Marion Jola has also collaborated with Danilla Riyadi and Ramengvrl in a work entitled Don't Touch Me. This song talks about the experiences that many women go through in life.

Marion Jola also expressed her pride in being able to continue to show her existence as a female soloist in the music industry today. As the winner of the three AMI Awards, Lala sees many fellow female female soloists who achieve success at the national, even international level.

"(Indonesian female soloists are now) cool in my opinion, because boys also listen to their songs. In the past, boys didn't want to listen to girls' songs but girls listened to boys' songs, right," said Lala.

"(Now) boys are singing 'cheating' everywhere, the song Mahalini. Or like for example, my song is really feminimous like 'Aku Takdirmu'. I see boys singing too. So, cool. women on rising make a lot of changes. So, boys don't toxic society anymore, so men can also listen to women's songs. And no problems with it," he concluded.

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