JAKARTA - Indonesia has a deep impression on the 64-year-old organist from the United States, Tony Monaco. He first came to Indonesia when he appeared at the first Java Jazz Festival in 2005.

This time, Tony returned to Indonesia. He appeared in the second day of the Java Jazz Festival 2024 which took place at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Saturday, May 25.

In his appearance, Tony Monaco performed an instrumental work entitled Indonesian Nights, a song he wrote after visiting Indonesia 19 years ago.

"When you first went to Indonesia, you know? Differences in time 12 hours. If it's now here at five o'clock (sore), then there are five in the morning," Tony Monaco said, telling how inspired he was in writing "Indonesian Nights".

So, my first experience when I came to Indonesia was very memorable. Kwmudian, I wrote a song that I titled Indonesian Nights.

Tony Monaco's appearance received a warm welcome from the audience who filled the Brave Hall. Applause and applause take place every time the performers look.

This time, Tony Monaco was accompanied by Indonesian musicians as his colleagues, namely Oele Pattiselano (guitar) and Robby Total (drums).

In addition, Tony Monaco cs also performed several standard jazz songs, such as "Misty" and It's All Right With Me.

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