JAKARTA - A musician from Yogyakarta named Justitias Jellita shared his experience with his husband while riding a train with him.

In a story that was revealed via Instagram, Justitias said that he and his husband had been banned by officers at Lempuyangan Station, Yogyakarta entered the station's inside area to get on the train they were traveling to Jakarta. The reason is because the stairs and tuba that were brought were too big to get into the passenger carriage.

Justitias and her husband had disagreements with the station officers. The reason is, she feels there has never been a problem when she brought the same musical instrument before.

Not to mention, Justitias called one of the station officers dealing with them in an annoying way, even talking by shouting.

Luckily, the train conductors resolved the problem. Justitias and her husband were allowed to bring their musical instruments into the carriage with a note that they did not disturb other passengers.

The experience that Justitias Jellita and her husband went through also received the attention of the Federation of Indonesian Musician Unions (FESMI) led by Yovie Widianto. Through Instagram Stories, FESMI re-uploaded the Justitias story and was accompanied by the hashtag #MusisiJugaProfession.

At the end of the story, Justitias hopes that his story can represent musicians who have something in common with him. He also hopes that transportation service providers will be able to make the work of musicians easier, especially those who play big musical instruments.

"Maybe I need to share this, maybe it can be a concern for fellow musicians (specifically those with big musical instruments), musicians' service users, and public transportation providers in Indonesia," wrote Justitias Jellita.

Considering that most musicians, especially Javanese areas, appoint trains as transportation supporting the mobility of their work. Our efforts to deal with this incident, hopefully, can be taken into consideration by transportation companies related to negotiations, especially against musicians, and can review employees - on all levels - which are more educational, solution, and able to provide security and convenience for customers by heeding the ethics of communicating.

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A post shared by Justitias Jellita (@justitias_cello)

A post shared by Justitias Jellita (@justitias_cello)

PT Kereta Api Indonesia on its official website has included provisions regarding luggage or baggage allowed for passengers. Each passenger is allowed to bring baggage into the train with a maximum weight for each passenger of 20 kg and with a maximum volume of 100 dm3 (maximum dimension of 70 cm x 48 cm x 30 cm).

Bags that exceed the weight and/or size above up to a height of 40 kg or with a volume of 200 dm3 (maximum dimension 70 cm x 48 cm x 60 cm), are allowed to be carried into the passenger train by being subject to an excess fee for baggage or buying an extra seat.

Meanwhile, Justitias Jellita in her story did not include the types ofiri and tuba that were brought on the train.

The dollar size itself is very varied, with the largest size in general being 121.9 cm (total length) and 45 cm (width). Likewise with the varied tuba size, depending on the type.

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