Pantera Album, Cowboys From Hell Win Double Platinum Certification In US
Pantera Vocalist Phil Anselmo (Instagram @panteraofficial)

JAKARTA - Pantera's debut album major label Cowboys From Hell, which was released in July 1990, was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA) on May 26 for sales of more than two million copies in the United States,

Cowboys From Hell was Pantera's breakthrough album, and was originally certified platinum in July 1997. The album was praised by critics as one of the most influential albums on the metal scene in the 1990s.

IGN even called the Cowboys From Hell the 19th most influential heavy metal album of all time.

In response, bassist Rex Brown spoke to the radio show "Do You Know Jack?" about Pantera's commercial success after the release of Cowboys From Hell. Everything changed a bit at the time. All hair bands and all that kind of thing. Everyone is a bit stale. If you think about songs in general, there are some pretty good songs whose looks are taken from all that, because you put together with all that kind of nonsense," he said. quoted from Blabbermouth, Wednesday.

"I'm not saying we did. But we just came when we saw a gap and we passed it, and we did a lot of hard work and a lot of tours to accompany it," he continued.

"The first two [Cowboys From Hell and the 1992 Vulgar Display Of Power], we toured non-stop. We had 32 holidays on the Cowboys From Hell tour, and it was a total time period between 18 months passed, and then went straight back to the studio. We just arrived at a time when people needed us.

"We're going to stay in the parking lot until six in the morning to sign. I think it really makes a huge difference between us and other bands that just, you know, 'hit the bus and see you.' You know, you meet a guy, and he says, 'Oh my goodness, those guys are cool.' And he tells other friends, and it happens like that. "

"We were the biggest underground band in the 90s. We didn't have much [support] MTV, we don't have radio playback. Now you go to any sporting events and listen to one of our songs in a football game, that's great, but they won't touch it at that time.

"So we just [flyed] in our pants chair and did DIY, and just toured us and worked really, really hard."

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